Our Story

Skin Conservatory is committed to bringing you the best natural skin and body care. By "natural" we mean ingredients that come from nature with minimal processing, such as cold pressed plant oils, natural butters and essential oils.

Our inspiration started a few years ago, when our family became concerned about all the chemicals that surround us in food and beauty products, and we decided to change our lifestyle to eliminate products that are not good for us or the environment. Skin and body care were a natural starting point, since everything we put on our skin is absorbed into our body.

We tried to find natural skin and body care products to buy, but very few met our criteria for truly clean ingredients and luxury. Some of the natural products had great ingredients, but then either the scent or the texture left a lot to be desired. We like skin and body care products that are healthy and nourishing, but still feel luxurious, smell good and absorb well into the skin, leaving it feeling soft and pampered. We couldn't find anything out there that met exactly what we wanted.

So we were inspired to develop our own products. We tested many different recipes, often inspired by time-tested Eastern European traditions. As we tested different recipes, we shared them with family and friends, and received great feedback.

We were encouraged to start selling our balms and butters simply because they are better than what is available on the market. So we now offer you the most popular products we have created so far and we're confident you will love them too.

All the products have a history in our family, were developed to meet a specific need, and have been tested by family and friends. Each product page includes its unique history.

Our current ingredients include plant oils and butters, beeswax, and essential oils. Most of our ingredients are organic, and as much as possible, cold pressed and unrefined. We aim to use only organic ingredients, but some are very difficult to find in organic form.

Our ingredients are clean and healthy for the skin, with little potential to cause skin issues, but please contact us if you have an allergy or sensitivity to one of the ingredients, and we will be happy to formulate a special product for you without the ingredient(s) you cannot use.

Our commitment to offer natural, healthy and sustainable products also extends to the packaging we use. Our jars are primarily bamboo. For bags, we have chosen reusable cloth bags, which help eliminate the footprint left by paper packaging. We hope you will find them as useful as we do!

Thank you for visiting our website and for trying our products! We would love to hear from you - please use the Contact Us page to let us know what you like, where we can improve and what other products you would like us to offer.


With gratitude,

The Skin Conservatory Family