Belly Beauty Pregnancy Body Butter

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Luxurious body butter that nurtures the belly skin, which is under so much pressure from the growing baby. The ingredients were carefully chosen for their properties, to provide much needed nutrients to the skin. Belly Beauty may help prevent or minimize stretch marks, as well as alleviate itching due to the skin stretching.


coconut oil*, cocoa butter, shea butter,* mango butter, beeswax, plant oils of hemp*, sesame*, wheatgerm, sweet almond*, grapeseed, avocado and olive* (*organic)

To maintain product consistency, please store in a cool environment, away from sunlight or other sources of heat.
Gently massage the butter all around the pregnant belly, chest, hips, and any other areas of concern. A little goes a long way - start with a small amount and add more as needed. For best results and quick absorption, apply on damp skin. Belly Beauty can be applied to the whole body if desired. Ideally, use every morning and evening, but at least once daily or as often as needed. 

Continue using post-partum to nourish and tone the skin as it recovers from pregnancy. Also try it on your little baby - it's safe and nourishing for babies' delicate skin too!

Designed for pregnant women with only pregnancy-safe ingredients, Belly Beauty can be used by anyone looking for skin nourishment, particularly if looking for a fragrance free product.


For all other products we use essential oils to add fragrance, but because no essential oil is considered absolutely safe for the unborn baby, and we believe that anything applied on the skin can be absorbed in the body, Belly Beauty is fragrance free. It has only a mild natural scent derived from its ingredients, with the strongest note being from the cocoa butter.


Belly Beauty was created during pregnancy to help with typical pregnancy concerns, such as stretch marks and itching caused by the stretching skin. We had a positive experience using it, and so did our friends who tried it and gave us great feedback.


Itching during pregnancy can be a sign of a serious disorder. Please make sure to mention it to your care provider, and use Belly Beauty for relief only from skin stretching related itching.

This product does not guarantee the prevention or elimination of stretch marks. But the empirical results reported by those who used it are that it helps nourish and tone the skin.

6.3 oz / 180 g