Softest Baby Balm

  • $ 50.00


Luxurious balm that nurtures the baby's precious and sensitive skin. Softest Baby helps keep the skin moisturized, and it may help alleviate minor rashes and dry skin.


shea butter*, coconut oil*, cocoa butter, beeswax, sesame oil*, essential oil of Roman Chamomile (*organic)

To maintain product consistency, please store in a cool environment, away from sunlight or other sources of heat.


Gently massage the balm all over the baby's body. A little goes a long way - start with a small amount and add more as needed. Softest Baby can be applied to the face too, but avoid the eyes and the mouth to prevent product ingestion. It can be used daily, after bath, or more or less frequently, as needed. It can also be utilized as diaper balm and it is safe for cloth diapers.

Designed for babies with only baby-safe ingredients, Softest Baby can be used by mom too or anyone else in the family. A versatile product for all!


When expecting our first baby, it was time to make a special body butter for our baby, after creating self-care products for several years. Softest Baby has now been used on two babies. While this is in no way formal research, we notice that it helps soothe dry spots immediately, and it also eliminates any small diaper rash after just one or two uses. 

Most essential oils are not safe for the tiniest of babies, so the only one used in Softest Baby is Roman chamomile essential oil, making our balm safe to use from the newborn stage. 


While Softest Baby is soothing for the skin and can help with some common issues in babies, please discuss all skin concerns with your baby's care provider to rule out any serious conditions.